Payroll Management

Save time by using an integrated system, payroll with just a click.

Handle Complicated Payroll

Each company may have different payroll policies. With Backstage payroll formula, all pay items can be handled, e.g. double pay, bonus, and attendance allowance.


Pension Fund Calculation

ORSO and MPF are no longer a problem. Backstage saves your time by automatically calculate both mandatory and voluntary contributions.


Interface files for banks and MPF trustees

With few clicks, bank autopay file and MPF trustees interface files are generated. We have common templates on hand. If you got others, just give us the spec and we will do it for you, for free.


Taxation and Compliance

No more tax headache! Backstage helps you turn payrolls into tax forms and generate IR56B, IR56E, IR56F & IR56G. The system will also ensure you stay in full compliance with local regulations.


Cost Allocation 2

Backstage gives you a 360-degree view of the company structure, enabling you to have an accurate cost allocation on each staff. Cost allocation can be split by master percentage, by pay items, and even by time range.


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